Amarin ($AMRN), qualcosa cambia…

Fresco fresco l’8K di Amarin sembrerebbe indicare che l’argomento brevetto non è più un tabù…

In light of recent activity on the prosecution of Amarin Corporation plc (“Amarin”) patent applications at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
(USPTO), Amarin advises investors as follows:
We at Amarin are continuing to execute on our plan to protect the proprietary position of AMR101, our lead product candidate, in its intended
indications. Our plan consists of seeking robust patent protection and regulatory exclusivity, maintaining trade secrets and taking advantage of
manufacturing barriers to entry, with the goal of protecting the commercial potential of AMR101 until at least 2030.
Amarin is currently prosecuting over 16 U.S. patent applications across 11 patent families. We believe that the bases for our patent applications
are well founded and we plan to vigorously prosecute our applications. For many patent applications, we are early in the prosecution process as
these applications are based on what we believe to be novel findings from our MARINE and ANCHOR trials, top-line results from which were
announced in late 2010 and early 2011. For many of our applications, we are using the USPTO’s new Track 1 accelerated review process,
which began in late September 2011 and is designed to reach final determination on a patent application within about a year after filing.
Securing patent protection for a product is a complex and iterative process involving many legal and factual questions. There can be no
assurance that the USPTO will accept our arguments with respect to any patent application or with respect to any claim therein.
Investors interested in following the prosecution of Amarin’s patents in the United States can find Amarin’s published patent applications,
USPTO office actions and other information related to the prosecution of Amarin’s patent applications on the PAIR system of the USPTO at  .


8 pensieri su “Amarin ($AMRN), qualcosa cambia…

  1. Uscito ieri a 8,65…. 40 cent/gain, mi aspettavo porcate speculative oggi….
    sempre bullish, ora sul -9 ho voglia di rientrare….

    Dal pezzo qua sopra, cosa c’è di nuovo oltre al fatto che parlano di patents? Nulla direi…. tranne il fatto che hanno una non-definitive rejection di 2 su molte totali….
    Il link che hai messo a manda al sito brevetti… in soldoni che dice? (altrimenti guardo stasera)


  2. Ooooops… intanto che ci sono, ho dato uno sguardo alla situazione short: 14 milioni!!!!! Massimo valore da 1 anno…… quasi che aspetto


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